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SHDHS Music Reunites After 65 Years!

Staff List 2016-2017






  Bayer-Smith, Jana Principal
  Allen, Shawn             Vice Principal
  Simmons, Rob Vice Principal
Arenburg, Stephen Science
  Bowers, Julie Student Success
Bray, Kristy Math, Social Science
  Carnochan, Robyn Learning for All Coach
  Chisholm, Eric  Math
  Colbourne, Paul CWS
  Conley, Phil Health & Physical Education
  Dougall, Janis SERT
  Dougall, Roger Technology
  Elder, Evelyn         AMDEC
  Foran, Heather Guidance
Fritzley, Rhonda Art, History and Geography, Language, Math 
  Grant, Katie English, French
  Harris, Gina Art, History
  Hawley, Heather English
  Hayter, Kim Learning for All Coach
Hill, Brenda Mathematics
Hone, Carleen Art
   Jones, Krista     Art, History, Geography, Math, Language
Keller, Amanda Science
Krainz, Robert Technology
  Lenting, Mike COPE
McCowan, Melanie Science
  McGee, Jodie  Art, Health & Physical Education, History & Geography, Language
McLennan, Tracy Canadian and World Studies, Co-Op
Migchels, Mandy Careers, Science
Milner, Kate Drama, English
Moore, Isaac Music
  O'Brien, Jeff Technology
  Oliver, Brian  Geography, History, Language, Math
Osborne, Scott English
Park, Stacey English, SERT
  Peat, Rob Technology, Careers, Civics
  Pregent, Monique Science
   Prout, Matt  Technology
  Regier, Carolyn
Math, English, Music, Drama & Dance, History & Geography
  Schade-McLellan, Karen  Math, Physical & Health Education, SERT
  Small, David Mathematics
Soldan, Ryan Canadian and World Studies, Health & Physical Education
  Steinacker, Jason Art, French, Health
  Strano, Heather Health & Physical Education
Vandepoele, Michael Business
Watson, Russ English, SERT
  Weselan, Shelly Co-op, Guidance

Secretarial Staff
Kay Rathwell, Office Manager
Nicole Filson, Reception
Joan Morgan, Attendance

Custodial Staff
Kevin Drager, Head Custodian
Kevin Boyce
Mike Foxton
Darrel Gingerich
Bev Hovius
Judi Nigh-Nedza

Education Assistants
Kathy Coolman
JoDee DesJardine
Sandra Fremlin-Skinner
Marianne Keller
Brenda Kipfer
Marlene Lightfoot
Michelle Meikle
Deb Oke
Robert Sangster
Dianne Shapton
Janice Snowden
Cara Stoll
Sandra Sweitzer

Technical Resource Assistant
RuthAnne Osgood


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