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Threat Assessment Parent/Guardian Notification and Fair Notice

YouthSpark is a community driven website (read by youth for youth). Teenagers (like you) write the articles, pick the pictures, and make the videos. Our purpose is to help youth have fun and keep you informed.

Share your Spark
Share your Spark is one of the things that makes this a community driven webpage. You can earn money by writing an article, taking/making a picture, or making a video that is relevant to health or issues in Huron County.
If we pick your piece to publish on Spark we'll pay you...
        - $30 for an article
        - $30 for a photo and caption
        - $50 for a video

You could even get paid for sending in school projects that are relevant. Imagine, getting money from school work!

Ask a Pro
Another great program we have at YouthSpark is Ask A Pro. You can anonymously ask any health questions you have to a Health Professional/nurse. You can check out all of the questions that other people have asked and the answers to them.

Do you have a local band and want a way to get your music heard? Send your music to us and we'll put it up on our SparkTunes MP3 player for the world to hear.

We have many article submitted by other youth, about things that they think are important for our community. Check them out!


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