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Canadian Author Andrew Pyper Speaks at SHDHS

Ap“But they are only the faces of the dead. Coming into detail as we hurtle toward them. They see us, too. Fingers scratching at the ice’s rough underside, desperate to be the first to pull us down.”

This is a quote from "The Damned", the latest mystery/thriller novel from award-winning Canadian Author Andrew Pyper, who recently visited students of  South Huron District High School (SHDHS) and spoke to them about what it means to be a writer.

The presentation allowed opportunity for students to ask questions and to learn directly from an accomplished writer. In fact, the visit is just one of three workshops planned this year between Pyper and SHDHS as they study Pyper's body of work.

Inspired by authors like Alice Munro and Stephen King, Pyper slowly draws his readers into the world he has created, often playing upon the fear that lies underneath something that at first appears seemingly innocent.

Influences of Pyper's home town of Stratford can be seen in some of his novels, such as "The Guardians" which centres around a dark and foreboding house in small town rural Ontario.

Pyper began his career by writing short stories for various magazines. He is now an award winning author who's books have been translated into multiple languages, with feature length movie adaptations soon to follow.