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For The Record - SHDHS in Chicago, Day 2

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The first part of our second day was spent in service to others. We had the opportunity, through the SHDHS Habitat for Humanity group, to work with DuPage Habitat for Humanity just outside of Chicago. Our group was split into three smaller groups with some working at the Habitat ReStore, others cleaning up and landscaping a housing development while the third group worked at cleaning up the yard and emptying stored goods out of an existing Habitat home. Hard work for a very worthy cause. Along the way, we found out that Habitat for Humanity Chicago is partnered with the country of Malawi and tithes 10% annually to help families of that country achieve affordable home ownership.

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After a chance to clean up at our hotel and grab a bite to eat we jumped on the “Chicago at Sunset” cruise. Chicago has a magnificent skyline, full of history and architectural beauty but having the chance to see it from our vantage point out on Lake Michigan while watching the sun set is extraordinary!

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Also extraordinary are the desserts we had at Pizzeria Due after the cruise. Oh, my goodness, is it true that eating desserts together cancels out each other’s calories? We sure hope so!

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Most of our travellers have the chance to grab a few extra hours of beauty sleep tonight. The Jazz Combo, however, is off to the Chicago Recording Company to record. The studio has a deep history, recording the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Carole King, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Celine Dion, Duran Duran, Alicia Keys and the list goes on and on. CRC’s post studio and design facilities are used for award-winning commercial work as well as film, television and gaming productions.

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Our Jazz Combo will be working with Bob Breen, one of our chaperones and producer extraordinaire to record Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful.” Bob has a long career in the music industry, working at and managing Ocean Studio in LA before coming home to work at OIART, the school he graduated from, as Career Development and Industry Relations Manager. Recently Bob purchased a pro audio company (Armor Pro Audio Visual in Woodstock) and continues to produce artists as well. Our Jazz Combo will have a terrific experience! Keep your eyes open for the video.

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Tomorrow we have some new adventures including a visit to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs vs Yankees. Follow is on our social channels to enjoy the day with us.

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