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Food Survey

SHDHS's Food Services Provider would like to know what you would like to see in our cafeteria. The focus in Ontario schools is nutritious choices and healthy eating. Let us know what items you would like to see in our school by completing the survey below. We appreciate your feedback as it will help us with future menu planning. Thank you!

Food Survey Link


Me to We - VISTA Cards

This year the Me to We Global Village group at SHDHS is participating in efforts to assist the Food Bank, Christmas Bureau, assisting families overseas and providing school supplies to indigenous people here in Canada.

Join us in celebrating the Year of Empowerment and helping families near and far!

We can't do this alone!

One small effort, one small group, working to make a big difference.

What is VISTA?

VISTA is a fundraiser that asks you to pay for your everyday purchases (groceries, gas, household items, etc.) with gift cards bought through the VISTA program.

How does VISTA work?

When you buy a gift card a percentage of the card value is donated to the Me to We initiatives for the year.

You do not have to sell any merchandise. Your only commitment is to use gift cards instead of money when making your everyday or holiday purchases.

Example of how your purchases can earn revenue for your organization.

If one family spends approximately $500.00 per week on groceries, gas, clothing, dining, and entertainment, this translates into an average yearly expenditure of $26,000.00 or approximately $ 1,500.00 in revenue per family ( based on average rebates).

How do you participate?

Simply fill out the order form below for the gift cards you would like to purchase and enclose the amount of money for the value of the cards. Your order will be ready for pick up on Dec. 5 and will be distributed to your child during their homeroom class that day, or will be available for pick up in the main office at the end of the day.

Step 1 Fill out the Order Form for the gift cards that you require and hand into the office at SHDHS by Nov.24th. There is no minimum required so only order the cards that you need.

Step 2 Your filled order will be ready for pick up on Dec. 8th.

Step 3 Use the gift cards instead of cash for your household purchases or gifts.

For further information please contact: gina.harris@ed.amdsb.ca

Download VISTA Order Form 2017

Exciting - Late Bus Routes!!!

Late Bus routes are coming together! Starting November 20th we will be running two late buses Monday-Thursday. The buses will leave at 4:45 pm and will stop at designated areas along the route. See the link below for routes and drop off points.
Some things to note:
  1. We will need students to sign up for their late bus by 9 am each day (just to ensure numbers).
  2. Buses will only stop at designated stops along the route. See the link below.
  3. If we see more of a need we will be adding a third bus.
  4. If you have a club or community event for kids to participate, this is a great way to get them involved. Contact us.
  5. We will be posting in advance what our school will be offering after school each month so families can plan accordingly. Our first posting will be for November and December.
Please feel free to connect with Mrs. Bayer-Smith at any time about this pilot project. We are hopeful it will alleviate stress for families and allow great participation for our students.