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Technology Survey

SHDHS Student Technology Survey

All students in Grades 6 to 12 from Avon Maitland are taking part in a questionnaire during February 7th – 25th.  The Technology-Enabled Learning Survey is an important part of the work we are doing at Avon Maitland.  This questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and was developed to gather general information about students’ use of technology for learning.

In order to further understand the impact of technology on learning outcomes for students, the district will gather metrics on technology access and skills. This data will be reviewed through a comprehensive framework lens.  The CASE framework reviews: Classroom factors, Access to technology, teacher and student Skills and Environmental factors.

This questionnaire is not a test and will not be used to evaluate any one particular student, nor be used for report cards, diagnosis or psychological assessment purposes. Your child's responses to the questions are confidential and anonymous.

New Website for Students Looking for Scholarships

A new website ( https://ScholarTree.ca) has recently launched that helps students find and apply for scholarships.

The intent of the site is to help reduce student debt, which many students have to take on for post-secondary education. ScholarTree.ca streamlines the scholarship process for students; all they have to do is create a simple profile and based on the information they provide (including school, field of interest, volunteer experience etc.) the site will match them to all of the scholarships for which they might qualify.

ScholarTree is 100% free to students!