Course Offerings

Starting next week, current students in grades 9-11 are being asked to complete a survey as the first step of course selection for the 2020/2021 school year.  All elective courses that could potentially be offered are included in this survey. This is simply a survey and is being completed to determine if there is enough interest to run these courses.   Compulsory courses are not included in this survey.


You may notice that some courses are grouped together (SPH3U/4C) since they will mostly likely be offered at the same time and therefore can not be chosen twice.  


The guidance counselors will be coming to classes during period two next week to go over this information and help students submit their choices.  Students will submit their choices during this class period. However, students may go back in and make changes to their choices up until Monday, December 9th. This will allow students to go over their choices with their parents/guardians at home.


This is simply a survey to gauge interest. Students will not officially choose courses until second semester. The survey can be located here.  

The  link to the survey will be sent via Messenger to students on the day that the guidance counselors are visiting their classes.  They will need to use their school google account to complete the survey. 

Monday, December 2nd:    GRADE 9, period two, classes.  (CGC1D, CGC1P, FSF1P, PPL1O, SNC1D, SNC1P)   


Tuesday, December 3rd:  GRADE 10, period two, classes.   (CHC2D, CHC2P, PAF2O, TFJ2O)


Wednesday, December 4th:  GRADE 11, period two, classes.  (ENG3C, MBF3C, MCF3M, MCR3U, MEL3E)







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