Staff List 2016-2017






  Bayer-Smith, Jana Principal
  Allen, Shawn             Vice Principal
  Simmons, Rob Vice Principal
Arenburg, Stephen Science
  Bowers, Julie Student Success
Bray, Kristy Math, Social Science
  Carnochan, Robyn Learning for All Coach
  Chisholm, Eric  Math
  Colbourne, Paul CWS
  Conley, Phil Health & Physical Education
  Dougall, Janis SERT
  Dougall, Roger Technology
  Elder, Evelyn         AMDEC
  Foran, Heather Guidance
Fritzley, Rhonda Art, History and Geography, Language, Math 
  Grant, Katie English, French
  Harris, Gina Art, History
  Hawley, Heather English
  Hayter, Kim Learning for All Coach
Hill, Brenda Mathematics
Hone, Carleen Art
   Jones, Krista     Art, History, Geography, Math, Language
Keller, Amanda Science
Krainz, Robert Technology
  Lenting, Mike COPE
McCowan, Melanie Science
  McGee, Jodie  Art, Health & Physical Education, History & Geography, Language
McLennan, Tracy Canadian and World Studies, Co-Op
Migchels, Mandy Careers, Science
Milner, Kate Drama, English
Moore, Isaac Music
  O'Brien, Jeff Technology
  Oliver, Brian  Geography, History, Language, Math
Osborne, Scott English
Park, Stacey English, SERT
  Peat, Rob Technology, Careers, Civics
  Pregent, Monique Science
   Prout, Matt  Technology
  Regier, Carolyn
Math, English, Music, Drama & Dance, History & Geography
  Schade-McLellan, Karen  Math, Physical & Health Education, SERT
  Small, David Mathematics
Soldan, Ryan Canadian and World Studies, Health & Physical Education
  Steinacker, Jason Art, French, Health
  Strano, Heather Health & Physical Education
Vandepoele, Michael Business
Watson, Russ English, SERT
  Weselan, Shelly Co-op, Guidance

Secretarial Staff
Kay Rathwell, Office Manager
Nicole Filson, Reception
Joan Morgan, Attendance

Custodial Staff
Kevin Drager, Head Custodian
Kevin Boyce
Mike Foxton
Darrel Gingerich
Bev Hovius
Judi Nigh-Nedza

Education Assistants
Kathy Coolman
JoDee DesJardine
Sandra Fremlin-Skinner
Marianne Keller
Brenda Kipfer
Marlene Lightfoot
Michelle Meikle
Deb Oke
Robert Sangster
Dianne Shapton
Janice Snowden
Cara Stoll
Sandra Sweitzer

Technical Resource Assistant
RuthAnne Osgood

YouthSpark is a community driven website (read by youth for youth). Teenagers (like you) write the articles, pick the pictures, and make the videos. Our purpose is to help youth have fun and keep you informed.

Share your Spark
Share your Spark is one of the things that makes this a community driven webpage. You can earn money by writing an article, taking/making a picture, or making a video that is relevant to health or issues in Huron County.
If we pick your piece to publish on Spark we'll pay you...
        - $30 for an article
        - $30 for a photo and caption
        - $50 for a video

You could even get paid for sending in school projects that are relevant. Imagine, getting money from school work!

Ask a Pro
Another great program we have at YouthSpark is Ask A Pro. You can anonymously ask any health questions you have to a Health Professional/nurse. You can check out all of the questions that other people have asked and the answers to them.

Do you have a local band and want a way to get your music heard? Send your music to us and we'll put it up on our SparkTunes MP3 player for the world to hear.

We have many article submitted by other youth, about things that they think are important for our community. Check them out!

How to Use This Site


Welcome to the newly redesigned South Huron District High School Weblog.  While this style of website is not "new" by any stretch of the imagination, this post is meant to serve as a guide for those who are new to the blogging style of websites as to how to read and understand the layout and organizational structure of the blog.

Blog Layout

This blog is laid out in a traditional last-in-first out style. This means that the newest item is available for reading at the top of the screen, and each subsequent post below that is in reverse chronological order of when it was posted.

Over the course of time, the post that was once at the top of the page will fall further and further down to the bottom of the screen, and eventually fall off the front page completely. The front page will only display the last 10 posts made.

It's important for you to know that once a post falls off the page, IT'S NOT GONE.  There are a multitude of ways for you to find an older post, should you need to:

The first is to associate that post with a CATEGORY.  If you're looking for a post about report cards, for instance, perhaps you'd try clicking 'administration' as a category.  This will bring up all posts that were originally associated with administration by the author.  There are a variety of categories available and often, a post will cover more than one.  Every effort will be made to associate each post with appropriate categories so that they can be found easily down the road.

Another way to seek out an older post is to use the 'search' function at the top right of this page.  Simply type in a key word that you think would be embedded in the text somewhere and the search function should find what you're looking for.  It's important to remember that this search box searches THIS BLOG ONLY and therefore you shouldn't get any results from outside the school website.


At the bottom of each post, you'll see a series of words that you might not be familiar with.

The PERMALINK (short for PERMANENT LINK) is a link to the specific web-location of that specific post. The URL of the permalink is what you want to obtain if you want to forward the post to a friend or reference it in your own blog.

"Comments" refer to reader comments about a specific post.  Comments are encouraged to facilitate discussion and online collaboration around the events going on in the school.  If you read something that you like, dislike or wish to comment on, simply click the word 'comments' at the bottom of the post and the blogging software will allow you to make a comment about that particular post.  Please be aware that due to security and to ensure the appropriateness of comments, they are moderated.  This means that before your submitted comment is made public, it must first be 'approved' by an administrator.  This shouldn't take very long and as long as your comment is not hateful, or in some way inappropriate for a school website, it will be posted in an unedited way.


The most attractive feature of blogging is the ability to 'subscribe' to a particular blog.  Subscribing takes place through RSS (Really Simple Syndication).  On the right pane, you'll see a link that says 'subscribe in a reader' and upon clicking this, you'll get a screen that gives you a few options.

There are many RSS aggregators available, and their purpose is simply to offer a place for all of your RSS subscriptions to come together.  When a new post is made on one of your 'subscribed websites' the aggregator will display this as new material.  You will only be notified in your aggregator if a new post is made.  This eliminates the need for a user to be 'surfing' to multiple websites to see if new information is posted.

The SHDHS website is fully compatible with most RSS readers, and if this is a platform you're interested in using, you'll find this site to be fully capable of working with your existing infrastructure.


You are encouraged to submit new content or ideas to this site.  There is a convenient link posted at the right of the blog to submit information.  This site can also accept documents, photos, video or audio content for publishing.  For information about this or to make arrangements, please include your desire to do something along those lines in your communication through the above link.

The blog format of this website is very conducive to posting up-to-date news and reports on what's going on around our school.  It can only be the complete, up-to-date resource we'd all like it to be with the cooperation and work of staff and students of the school.  If you are a part of an event that's taken place, please write up some text and submit some photos for inclusion on the site.  Use this site as a means to promote your upcoming events.

We have a very active school and community.  This site should be a reflection of that.  Thank you in advance for your active contributions.


Please find on the right pane a Calendar application that has all of the school events from now until the end of the year posted.  If your event is not listed, please submit a notification and it will be added promptly.  This calendar is meant to be a resource for students, staff and parents to become familiar with all the important upcoming dates.